i’m not laughing at you…

There is a fine line between laughing with someone and laughing at someone… 

After slow-cooking carnitas for dinner and making homemade guac and cleaning the kitchen up (after the realization that there are enough leftovers in the fridge to avoid cooking and more importantly cleaning the kitchen tomorrow night), we figured we better take the dogs for a walk. 

Toby always “calls” walking Banjo. He says its because he is bigger and he is working with him yada-yada-yada… In truth, It is because Doc is certifiable. Sweet as can be… but nuts. 

Last week, Doc got neutered.  Between the constant lifting his legs on walks, his desire to be very amorous to Banjo, blankets, and even my sister-in-law on occasion, the time had come. What comes with that though is a very annoying cone-of-shame that he bangs into every wall, our calves, and anything else he can.

I hate that cone.

Tonight when we took them for their walk, I got Doc, my boy, as usual. He is crazy as a loon, but I do love that little goofball. We walk around our apartment complex, which has a nice sidewalk path all the way around, but is not exactly lit real well at night. I couldn’t see Doc’s head and cues cause of the cone, and tonight, he decided to throw a curve ball and pull when I wasn’t expecting it, pulling me backwards. 

He didn’t only pull me backwards, he pulled me off the edge of the sidewalk landing hard on my back right on the edge. 

Where that 25 lb dog gets his pulling power from, I have no idea. 

My husband, ever the supporting, caring partner, started busting up laughing at me. He says it was after the genuine concern, but we remember this differently. 

I laughed a little, cause it beat crying, I mean, it isn’t like I have broken my back before or anything… oh wait… 

The best part was, he got the giggles. Giggles like a 3rd grade girl. We had to stop twice on the walk because he was crying and couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard. 

He said he was laughing with me, not at me. Sure.

To his credit, he did bring me Aleve, milk and sugar cookies I made yesterday. I make great sugar cookies… 

My back is sore, but it was pretty funny…


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