Time Out.

The advice to many newly married couples is to limit commitments at first and take the time to tackle the first year of marriage, which is FULL of challenges of joining two lives together, because oddly, saying “I Do” did not make rent go down, toothpaste cleaned out of the sink, toilet paper positioning debates solved, family issues disappear, or any other thing that comes up as you get used to each other being all up in your biz 24/7 and realizing the other person may not always agree that your way is the right (only) way of doing things. 

We failed at that one.

I work two jobs, one of which is in political radio and we just so happen to be in the midst of one of the biggest elections ever.  Toby has a job and is taking Organic Chemistry and Physics. When we talk, I am pretty sure we simply sound like the adults on Peanut cartoons to each other. He just said one of his word problems from Physics out loud and lost me at “There is a plane, whaa wha wha whaaaa”.

I go to bed several hours before him, and get up several hours before him as well, resulting in what I call our “room share”. I am a very (VERY) light sleeper, so when he comes in in the middle of the night, it wakes me up every time. When he snores, he wakes me up and I hit him or roll him on his side (unless he wakes himself up with the racket, which happens as well, cause not even he could sleep though that freight train).

But the other night, he woke me up in a new way. I woke up to talking and thought that he was talking to me. Then I realized that not only was he talking in his sleep, he was talking about Physics.

My husband’s mistress is names Physics, and she is demanding and has tons of problems. 

I can’t complain much, I dream about the show all the time. That and stuff for the kid’s ministry that I am the director for. I wake up first thing singing the Veggie Tales song the kids are performing this weekend and when we finally get to relax, I start passing out unless I keep working on my computer.

Yesterday, I reached terminal velocity of feeling completely inept of keeping up, and sorely missing the guy I share a last name with, and a home we mostly use as a workspace and with two people who have taken one day off of working in the last month. Maybe not even that much. 

I think it just reminds me that we need to take a step back and  realize that this is the only chance we get to be newlyweds and to slow down a bit… after elections… and finals… and family obligations… and… shoot. What was I saying? That’s right… As a newlywed and wife who always wants to do what I can to make our marriage strong, we must remember that no one on earth or nothing that thinks it deserves our time is as important or worthy as the guy snoring next to me, or the girl stealing the blankets from him.

Remember to take a time out. 


One thought on “Time Out.

  1. This is so true…that first year or guess I should say 10 months went by SO FAST! Before that 10 month mark hit, and my hubby had to relocate to a base about 6 hrs away and we only got weekends at that point, I tried my best to make every moment count but with 14hr work days, debts and all the other military agenda-it just slipped by so fast…I would encourage you two to make the little changes that will make a big difference in the time you get together…and I can tell you, be thankful you two can decide yourselves and not have something bigger tell you “too bad:just adjust” …I can’t wait for the long-away day we will get to be in charge of our own lives again….but I’m sure you know, you would do anything for your hubby and it’s what is needed…
    Good luck!
    Oh, a suggestion, which you may already do, but it’s something I regret we didn’t do when we saw each other on a daily basis….Make little mailboxes and each day leave a note for each other to start the day with….I think it would really help to feel together in the moments when you can’t physically be together…
    Enjoy! Happy newlywedom!

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