One Bad Cookie…

I love to cook and bake and find new things to make. Some people see food as only fuel, but we have taste buds, so God must be on board with us enjoying it!

I know how to make a lot of good things, but I am adventurous and want to keep trying new things. Last night I made a pork, rice, black bean dish that was SO GOOD, and cheap, two of my favorite combos. 

Today I got the bug to bake. It is not secret that I love pumpkin, so when I found a pumpkin, oatmeal, cranberry cookie recipe, I was thinking of a cookie that captured Thanksgiving in one yummy bite… 

What I got was a bite of two week old thanksgiving leftovers from your aunt who is a terribly bland cook.

Because I do LOVE to cook, I beat up on myself far more when things don’t go as planned. I want to think that every little thing I make is going to be awesome, cause I know I can make great food. I was working while I was baking and booking guests while mixing, so maybe I messed something up. Maybe I didn’t add something, or put too much in. Maybe it was just a bad recipe. 

Life isn’t much different. We can do great all the time and feel like we are great, but, once in a while, we are going to screw up. We are going to make a bad cookie. 

But it doesn’t mean we are doomed to be bad cooks… 


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