Mr. Heckles


Remember the early years of Friends? There was a reoccurring role that was their downstairs neighbor, “Mr. Heckles”.

Mr. Heckles was an odd duck who was constantly pestering Rachael and Monica and saying that they were making too much noise, when they weren’t doing anything.
Mr. Heckles lives downstairs from us.
Our Mr. Heckles is a younger Chinese man and his wife and what he says is one son, although, from what we hear from his apartment, if it is one kid, that kid’s name is Sybil.
Mr. Heckles bangs his ceiling (our floor) with a broom. He asked for a phone number, which we refused, and gave him an email instead. He now emails us constantly about any noise. He even has taken note of times he thinks we are gone.
We have a dog that barks some when we leave him (which happens infrequently) and he has told us that “In China, we put collar on to shock dog”…Well you do a lot of things in China we don’t do here…
Tonight, while I took a shower, Toby iced an injury and the dogs slept at his feet, Mr. Heckle’s wife and son doorbell ditched us. I am sure it was because we were somehow making too much noise. Toby got up and answered the door to find them fleeing towards the stairs. Doc, our 20 lb dog who has run away frequently from Chihuahuas, ran out under Toby’s feet to say hi. Mr. Heckle’s wife and son freaked out.
Odds I get a call from the office tomorrow saying our dog threatened them is pretty high…

Mr. Heckles… If he steals our monkey though, it’s game on…


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