Time Out.

The advice to many newly married couples is to limit commitments at first and take the time to tackle the first year of marriage, which is FULL of challenges of joining two lives together, because oddly, saying “I Do” did not make rent go down, toothpaste cleaned out of the sink, toilet paper positioning debates solved, family issues disappear, or any other thing that comes up as you get used to each other being all up in your biz 24/7 and realizing the other person may not always agree that your way is the right (only) way of doing things. 

We failed at that one.

I work two jobs, one of which is in political radio and we just so happen to be in the midst of one of the biggest elections ever.  Toby has a job and is taking Organic Chemistry and Physics. When we talk, I am pretty sure we simply sound like the adults on Peanut cartoons to each other. He just said one of his word problems from Physics out loud and lost me at “There is a plane, whaa wha wha whaaaa”.

I go to bed several hours before him, and get up several hours before him as well, resulting in what I call our “room share”. I am a very (VERY) light sleeper, so when he comes in in the middle of the night, it wakes me up every time. When he snores, he wakes me up and I hit him or roll him on his side (unless he wakes himself up with the racket, which happens as well, cause not even he could sleep though that freight train).

But the other night, he woke me up in a new way. I woke up to talking and thought that he was talking to me. Then I realized that not only was he talking in his sleep, he was talking about Physics.

My husband’s mistress is names Physics, and she is demanding and has tons of problems. 

I can’t complain much, I dream about the show all the time. That and stuff for the kid’s ministry that I am the director for. I wake up first thing singing the Veggie Tales song the kids are performing this weekend and when we finally get to relax, I start passing out unless I keep working on my computer.

Yesterday, I reached terminal velocity of feeling completely inept of keeping up, and sorely missing the guy I share a last name with, and a home we mostly use as a workspace and with two people who have taken one day off of working in the last month. Maybe not even that much. 

I think it just reminds me that we need to take a step back and  realize that this is the only chance we get to be newlyweds and to slow down a bit… after elections… and finals… and family obligations… and… shoot. What was I saying? That’s right… As a newlywed and wife who always wants to do what I can to make our marriage strong, we must remember that no one on earth or nothing that thinks it deserves our time is as important or worthy as the guy snoring next to me, or the girl stealing the blankets from him.

Remember to take a time out. 


One Bad Cookie…

I love to cook and bake and find new things to make. Some people see food as only fuel, but we have taste buds, so God must be on board with us enjoying it!

I know how to make a lot of good things, but I am adventurous and want to keep trying new things. Last night I made a pork, rice, black bean dish that was SO GOOD, and cheap, two of my favorite combos. 

Today I got the bug to bake. It is not secret that I love pumpkin, so when I found a pumpkin, oatmeal, cranberry cookie recipe, I was thinking of a cookie that captured Thanksgiving in one yummy bite… 

What I got was a bite of two week old thanksgiving leftovers from your aunt who is a terribly bland cook.

Because I do LOVE to cook, I beat up on myself far more when things don’t go as planned. I want to think that every little thing I make is going to be awesome, cause I know I can make great food. I was working while I was baking and booking guests while mixing, so maybe I messed something up. Maybe I didn’t add something, or put too much in. Maybe it was just a bad recipe. 

Life isn’t much different. We can do great all the time and feel like we are great, but, once in a while, we are going to screw up. We are going to make a bad cookie. 

But it doesn’t mean we are doomed to be bad cooks… 

Debates and Touchdowns

I like football. I can enjoy a game watching the Chargers on Sunday afternoon as much as the next guy. My husband does not like football. He LOVES football. He lives football. He breathes it.

It at times annoys me.

He wears his jersey while leading worship at church. Every Sunday. He has three fantasy football teams. He is involved in a college football pool. If he had his way, he would watch every. single. game.

I used to think I loved football. But after marrying him, I have rethought it, and next to him, I just like football.

Last night, there were two things on tv at the same time. Thursday night football and the Vice Presidential Debate. Not only is politics a love of mine, it is also my job to watch stuff like debates. Last week, Toby watched the debate with me, but this week, I told him he didn’t have to.

He went in the living room and watched the football game. I went in the kitchen and made dinner and watched the debate on the computer while I cooked.

Baked white mac and cheese… delish.

But anyways, Toby was in watching the game, and I hardly heard anything, but he did hear me…

While I was supposed to be a good wife cooking her husband dinner, he kept hearing me yelling. Probably worse than that guy in the front row of the football game with his shirt off and a random letter on his chest that him and his buddies long forgot what order they should be in.

I am that bad.

He does not get it. Just like I don’t get the football obsession. We just look at each other, shake our heads, smile, and debate which one is better….

…and since we debate it, I think it proves that my obsession is better.

Pumpkin Love


If I had to pick one thing that I love about Fall that I loved the most it would be, without a doubt… pumpkin.

I love pumpkin. I think it is the most under appreciated fruit… er vegetable… er gourd… whatever it is, it is awesome. Did you know it is a super food? That’s right. Tons of good stuff and super low fat. All anyone thinks about with it is the classic pumpkin pie, but no one ever thinks about the other things you can put it in. Pumpkin chilli, pumpkin cookies, pumpkin ravioli… I am starting to sound like Forest Gump’s pumpkin obsessed cousin. Oh, pumpkin shrimp!

I digress…

Tomorrow I am going to a shower for the cutest elf baby ever, Benjamin, who goes to our church. It’s okay that I call him elf baby, his mom agrees. They asked those coming to bring something, and listed muffins… challenge accepted!

So… here is my recipe for delicious pumpkin pecan muffins. Enjoy!

3 cups all-purpose flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 heaping cups canned solid-pack pumpkin
2/3 cup vegetable oil
4 large eggs
1/2 tsp all spice

1/2 tsp ginger

1/2 tsp nutmeg

2 1/2 cups  sugar
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp salt
4 tsp cinnamon

Topping: Brown Sugar and chopped pecans


Preheat oven to 350

Mix all ingredients together, except for toppings. I use a Kitchen Aid, one that my husband says when I saw it listed as purchased on our registry, I acted as happy as when he proposed. He may not have been terribly far off.

Fill muffin cups about 3/4  full.

Sprinkle brown sugar and pecans on top of batter filled cups to your hearts desire. I kept mine a little more sparingly. I think its better if it is a little bit of a surprise instead of a smack in the face.

Stick ’em in the over for about 25 minutes, or until done. Duh. Though the batter is delish, and should be eaten like a lolly pop off the mixer paddle… yum.

Open the oven and smile. I did. Take them out and smile again. Then let them cool in the pan for about 10 minutes, then pull them out and put them on a cooling rack till they cool.

Then get some milk.

Mr. Heckles


Remember the early years of Friends? There was a reoccurring role that was their downstairs neighbor, “Mr. Heckles”.

Mr. Heckles was an odd duck who was constantly pestering Rachael and Monica and saying that they were making too much noise, when they weren’t doing anything.
Mr. Heckles lives downstairs from us.
Our Mr. Heckles is a younger Chinese man and his wife and what he says is one son, although, from what we hear from his apartment, if it is one kid, that kid’s name is Sybil.
Mr. Heckles bangs his ceiling (our floor) with a broom. He asked for a phone number, which we refused, and gave him an email instead. He now emails us constantly about any noise. He even has taken note of times he thinks we are gone.
We have a dog that barks some when we leave him (which happens infrequently) and he has told us that “In China, we put collar on to shock dog”…Well you do a lot of things in China we don’t do here…
Tonight, while I took a shower, Toby iced an injury and the dogs slept at his feet, Mr. Heckle’s wife and son doorbell ditched us. I am sure it was because we were somehow making too much noise. Toby got up and answered the door to find them fleeing towards the stairs. Doc, our 20 lb dog who has run away frequently from Chihuahuas, ran out under Toby’s feet to say hi. Mr. Heckle’s wife and son freaked out.
Odds I get a call from the office tomorrow saying our dog threatened them is pretty high…

Mr. Heckles… If he steals our monkey though, it’s game on…